Media Team - The Deets!

These aren't members - we just love our photos so we sprinkle em everywhere!  Like glitter - and kindness - and coffee. 

Ok we drink the coffee but you get the idea!


So here is what we are thinking…

The goal of our media team is to increase the reach of Wanderlust Mobile Beauty through social media and in the local community.  Members of the media team should be energetic and able to relate the key demographic that we appeal to the most.

61% of our followers on IG are Women

62% of them are 18-34

Being part of Team Wanderlust definitely has its perks!  Here is how we think it will work.

MT members will come by the salon at least every two weeks for some Wanderlust VIP treatment.  Depending on stylist availability you'll get the hair and or makeup hookup!  Afterwards - photos of course!  This may be on our property or out on the town!  Have an event?   Let us know and we'll get you all glammed up!  Web and social media drives our business so it's important to keep tagging us and sharing stories from our account.  We want YOU to grow WITH us so of course we will be sharing your content as well!

As events arise and there is an opportunity for a Media Team appearance - we'll definitely let you know.

How else can you help?  We want you to be empowered to go out and find out how we can become THE go-to name for Hair, Makeup & Photography in the valley.  We are putting the final touches on a commission program which will pay YOU a percentage of the business you bring in!

So think wedding venues, bridal boutiques, high schools, dance and gymnastics schools, charity events & more - there is so much out there!

We are the most unique salon experience in Arizona, we have an 800 sq ft brick and mortar photo studio and of COURSE we are mobile.

If you are interested - let us know and we'll discuss putting some money in your pocket, your salon and studio perks and how we can all grow together and have a BLAST!!